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Tell me… what are you feeding your pets?

Now tell me… what are you really feeding them? Do you really know?

I’ve been involved in the pet food industry for many years. In America, in Australia, and in the UK (because I’m a Brit). What I know, which most people don’t know, is most pet food manufacturers sell you corn-on-the-cob packaged up and sold as a chicken, for the price of a steak (metaphorically speaking). Worse if they can get away with it.

That’s not all of it either. Do you feed your dog the same food, every day? Stop for a second and ask yourself “How can that be a good thing?”. It isn’t. Many dogs develop conditions, illnesses, intolerances, allergies, or worse, from eating the same food over an extended period. So why do we do this? The reason is we’ve been trained to, by marketing.

Pet food (particularly dry food) is convenience food. It’s not designed to offer your beloved pet a healthy existence, it’s designed as a product to make a profit. Pet food is one of the biggest businesses globally, which is why most pet foods are made by corporations such as Mars and Nestlé. These two companies alone turn a yearly profit of USD $30,000,000,000 (yep, 30 billion). The reason they make so much money is by selling very cheaply made products for a huge markup.

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