Gentle Original Dry Dog Food


The Gentle range of foods are cold pressed. What that means in layman’s terms is the cooking process is much more gentle compared to regular kibbles which are cooked at high temperatures. This retains nutrients and makes for a food much easier for a dog to digest. The caveat is shelf life is reduced, but to be honest you’re better off feeding your dog fresher food anyway.

The Original formula is 26.8% protein which is above average, and most of this will come from meat. They haven’t used cheaper (less digestible) sources of protein such as corn and peas, so that’s really good to see.


The two main ingredients of equal proportions are dried and ground chicken meat and brown rice. It’s important to note the chicken is pre-dried, which ensures its significance in the food. If it was chicken which hadn’t been dried it would in effect amount to much less once moisture had been removed from cooking/drying. Brown rice is one of the better grains and will offer your dog a slow-burning source of energy.

The third ingredient is dried and ground duck, and it’s nice to see another meat ingredient – dogs are Order Carnivora after all.


The remaining ingredients are all well selected. There are no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives like you find in far too many pet foods. We have a range of oils to really benefit heart health, skin, coat, and overall wellbeing. We find veggies, herbs, egg yolk, yucca (for joint health), and lastly but not leastly the excellent green lipped mussel (which also supports joint health).


Overall this is a really nice food, and not being nuked into a kibble is a huge bonus. If I’m to be picky then the food could do with a little more animal fat (but I have a feeling the cold press process may not allow for this).

Note: I estimate the carbs to be 45.6%, but due to the cold pressing process it will be less as moisture will be higher.


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Ingredients and analysis

* Carbohydrate estimate calculated based on listed Protein and Fat percentages, Moisture (10%), and Ash (8%).

Dried Ground Chicken Meat (28%), Brown Rice (thermally pre-treated)(28%), Dried Ground Duck (9%), Herring Oil, Rice Germ, Maize Germ, Rapeseed Oil, Linseed Oil, Beet (Beta vulgaris), Sea Algae (dried), Vegetable Mixture (parsnip, chard, celery, chicory, parsley roots), Dried Herb Mixture (stinging nettle, fennel, caraway, chamomile), Egg Yolk, Yucca Schidigera (dried and ground), Silica, Green Mineral Clay, Dried Green Lipped Mussel Meat.

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