Burns Sensitive Dry Dog Food

Burns Sensitive

In a world where countless dogs suffer allergies or digestive issues on poor quality kibbles, enter the world of sensitivehypo-allergenic diets. Burns Sensitive is one of those foods, which means it doesn’t contain cheap allergenic fillers such as wheat, soy, or unnecessary nasties such as artificial colours or flavours which are sadly still found in many brands. Most allergies come from grains, but some dogs suffer from the likes of chicken and beef. This food is marketed as Pork & Potato, with pork being a novel protein and potato being non-allergenic.


But hold on a minute, let’s revise the name to be more accurate. Potato & Pork is more fitting, or to be even more accurate let’s go with Potato, Maize, and Pork.

Potato (35%) is far better to see than cereal grains, but it’s relatively high GI compared with sweet potato which would’ve been a better inclusion. Maize (27%) is common in pet foods as a much cheaper source of protein than meat, and it has to be noted this will amount to most of the rather lacklustre 18.5% protein. The average sits around 22%, so this is sad to see. A dog’s digestive tract is shorter than ours which means they’re geared to efficiently digest proteins from meat, not so much from maize.

Pork Meal (17%) is the most beneficial ingredient in the food, so it would be nice to see more of it. Meat “meal” is a pre-dried ingredient in powder form.


Moving down to the less significant ingredients, we find peas as an additional source of protein and fibre, and also a small amount of seaweed as a good source of minerals. The vitamins & minerals aren’t disclosed, and when listed in such a way ensures they’re from a “vitamin & mineral pack” sourced from a 3rd party supplier.


Overall the product doesn’t scream quality, but it’s much better than the many cereal-based dog foods you find in abundance.


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Ingredients and analysis

* Carbohydrate estimate calculated based on listed Protein and Fat percentages, Moisture (10%), and Ash (8%).

Potato (35%), Maize (27%), Pork Meal (17%), Pea Starch, Peas, Pork Fat, Seaweed, Vitamins & Minerals.

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