Naturediet Dry Dog Food


Naturediet is marketed as “super premium”, the most overused marketing words in pet food. There’s no minimum requirements for a pet food to be listed in such a way, they really are just words. The food itself is predominantly rice, with some meat included.

Let’s take a look at the Chicken recipe…


Chicken is the first ingredient, but not the most significant. They use the most common form of labelling trickery for the next two ingredients, which are white rice and brown rice. This is known as “ingredient splitting”, used to make meat look more significant than grain. The reality is the grain could outweigh the meat 2:1. I also assume by chicken they mean inclusive of organs and chicken fat, as they aren’t listed seperately on the label. They’ve done this so they can claim 55% chicken.

Notice white rice is merely listed as “rice”, just to make it that little bit more obscure. It also has to be accounted for that chicken is around 75% water which is cooked off during the kibble making process. That means the listed 55% chicken is actually much less once cooked, paving the way for a very rice-intensive high-carb diet.


The ingredients after the rice and chicken are all in small proportions. In fairness to the product they’re good inclusions with nutritional merit, but when you consider the bag as a whole it’s almost all rice and chicken baked into a kibble.


I’ll try and end on a positive point as there are certainly worse foods out there. If your dog suffers allergies, intollerances, irritable bowels, or other food-related conditions, then this simply formulated food may work for you. But you’ll note from the chart below that the food is almost half carbohydrates – keep that in mind.


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Ingredients and analysis

* Carbohydrate estimate calculated based on listed Protein and Fat percentages, Moisture (10%), and Ash (8%).

Chicken 55%, Rice, Brown Rice, Alfalfa, Dried Egg, Flaxseed, Chicken Stock, Seaweed, Vitamins and Minerals, Dried Carrots

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