Skinner’s Ruff & Ready

I was looking for the ingredients list for Skinner’s Ruff & Ready on their website, but all I found were marketing words such as “wholesome”, “healthy”, “optimum palatability”, and the old chestnut “premium”. I eventually gave up and went to Amazon to get the ingredients.

I was disappointed…


Compositionally the food is moderately low in protein, very low in fat, and seemingly high in carbohydrates. None of those are good points. Also, when it comes to problematic foods they often contain wheat. This food has four wheat ingredients – wholewheat biscuits (extruded), wheat glucose syrup, more wholewheat biscuits (baked this time), and wheatflakes. That’s a lot of wheat. No wonder it’s high in carbs.

I wish I could say the protein in the food all came from bioavailable meat proteins, but that’s not the case either given the 3rd ingredient is maize. Maize is often used to bulk up the protein in a food as it’s much cheaper than meat. By the looks of it, the top three ingredients are all in relatively equal proportions, so it’s possible there’s nearly as much maize as there is meat.


The ingredients from there on in are very ambiguous – oilsvitaminsminerals and trace elements. When it comes to pet foods, the more ambiguous an ingredient the worse it likely is. If the company has forked out money on high quality ingredients you can be assured they’ll tell you about it. Because of that, it’s very likely the oils, vitamins, and minerals aren’t very good, and that’s definitely not good for your dog.

Despite the plethora of marketing words, it doesn’t strike me as a good product.



Where to buy?
Ingredients and analysis

* Carbohydrate estimate calculated based on listed Protein and Fat percentages, Moisture (10%), and Ash (8%).

Protein pellets containing beef meat meal, extruded wholewheat biscuits, cooked flaked maize, wheat glucose syrup, baked wholewheat biscuits, cooked flaked peas, cooked wheatflakes, oils, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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6 years ago

What a weird ingredient list, never seen anything like it and I’ve some some pretty interesting ones.